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Scenario Planning toward Climate Change Adaptation

Course Description
Scenario planning is a valuable decision support method for integrating
irreducible and uncontrollable uncertainties into climate change adaptation
and other planning in natural resource management. This overview course will
introduce the core elements of scenario planning and expose participants to a
diversity of approaches and specific scenario development techniques that
incorporate both qualitative and quantitative components. Participants will
learn how scenario planning can be integrated into planning frameworks and
be complementary with other decision support methods. This course will
provide participants with the skills needed to assess the appropriateness of
scenario planning for their needs, and identify the resources and expertise
needed to conduct a scenario planning exercise that will meet established
objectives. The course is developed in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation
Society and the USGS.


May 6-8, 2014
NCTC, Shepherdstown, WV
Who Should Attend
Natural resource managers and
conservation professionals that will
oversee and/or be directly involved in a
scenario planning effort.
3 days
College Credit
One semester hour is available on request.
There is no tuition for FWS, NPS, BLM
and USGS employees. For participants
from other agencies and organizations,
there is a tuition charge of $597.
To Register
Register online at
using DOILearn, the Department of the
Interior’s Learning Management System.
Course is offered annually.
Contact for Registration Questions
Jill Del Vecchio, at 304/876-7424 or
Contact for Content Questions
Christy Coghlan, at 304/876-7438 or