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Wildland Firefighter Training S-130/190

S130/190 Basic Wildland Firefighter Training

(Both the online and in-person trainings are required)

Online access: July 25 - August 5, 2016


In-person: August 9 - 12, 2016

$125 - General Registration

$75 - Student Registration



This course is designed to provide entry-level firefighter skills, and is often required for participation in prescribed burning activities. Participants will receive federally-recognized NWCG certificates for S130, S190, and L180.

Course topics include:

  • Environmental factors of fuels, weather, and topography that affect the spread of wildland fire
  • Proper tactics to extinguish fire with or without the use of water
  • Why lookouts, communications, escape routes, and safety zones are important
  • The primary factors affecting the start and spread of wildfire
  • How to recognize potentially hazardous situations

Online trainings: Prior to the in-person training, participants MUST complete two self-paced online trainings:

  • The FEMA IS-100 course online (2-4 hours of training; must bring proof of completion on Aug 9, 2016)
  • The online S190 course (6-8 hours of training, link provided on July 25, 2016; test to be taken on first day of in-person training).

In-person training:

  • Classroom: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (8/9, 8/10, 8/12) will consist of classroom instruction at the Doyle Conner Building in Gainesville, FL
  • Field: Thursday (8/11) will be an all-day field training at Ordway-Swisher Biological Station in Melrose, FL

What to bring:

  • Classroom training:
    • IS-100 Completion certificate
    • Lunch (lunch is only provided on Thursday)
    Field training:
    • 6 inch or higher leather boots
    • Leather gloves
    • PPE (optional)