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Florida Sedge Identification Workshop

Florida Sedge Identification Workshop

Learn the skills needed to identify native and exotic species, including invasive, common native, and wetland species




Keith A. Bradley, Instructor October 4 & 5, 2016

The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve (DWP) 2700 Scrub Jay Trail    Kissimmee, FL 34759



$350 (Two days)

$200 (Single day)



The goal of this workshop is to give participants the skills needed to identify this difficult members of the Cyperaceae. Instructor Keith A. Bradley is an expert in Florida sedges and grasses, and has been teaching identification workshops for over 10 years. The class will be designed to help participants recognize patterns in the sedge family, allowing for quicker recognition in the field and easier use of diagnostic keys.

We will cover identification terminology and morphology, the differences between sedges, grasses, and rushes, print and online resources for sedge identification, and detailed discussions of common, endangered, and invasive exotic south Florida sedges. Lectures will be organized to help participants recognize morphological patterns that are useful in identifying sedges. The first day will be in a classroom. Instruction will be with a combination of specimens that participants can examine, PowerPoint presentations with photos and line drawings, and hand-­‐on used of identification keys.  Day two will be spent in the field at Disney Wilderness after a classroom recap.

To reserve a space please email Keith Bradley at ASAP. Payment by credit card, check, or cash is due by the day of the workshop.