TWS Action Alert: Help Reduce the Threat of Invasive Species

FLTWS members, Please take a moment to read the following message from national TWS regarding invasive species. There is a letter you can send on-line if you choose.

Dear TWS Member:

Invasive species are one of the largest threats to native wildlife around the world. The U.S. alone experiences economic losses in the billions of dollars every year due to invasive species and their often destructive and disruptive impacts. Further, approximately 42 percent of threatened and endangered species are placed at an increased risk by non-native, invasive species.
Solutions to the invasive species problem, based on sound science, are achievable. Congress and other policymakers need to be made aware of the pervasiveness of the issue, how it affects their constituents and local economy, and how they can enable wildlife professionals and help create solutions.
Take action today by asking your representative to join the recently formed Congressional Invasive Species Caucus! As a member of the caucus, your representative will be regularly updated on the most recent invasive species issues and are much more likely to participate positively in legislative solutions.

Click the link below to log in and send your message: