Environmental Technician II

Position Available: Environmental Technician II Habitat Restoration & Wildlife Protection Services, LLC (HRWPS) is a full service environmental consulting company specializing in land management, habitat restoration and wildlife management, including threatened or endangered species and deer population management. HRWPS provides our clients with a variety of services, such as Biological Surveys (Plants and Animals), Wetland Delineation & Permitting, Habitat & Wildlife Management Plans, Gopher Tortoise Permitting & Relocation, Avian Translocation & Radio-telemetry, Vegetative Monitoring and Evaluations, Native Tree Planting & Nursery Operations, Native Seed Collection & Installation, Fire Line Installation & Rehabilitation, Wildfire Risk Assessments & Mitigation Plans, Prescribed Burning & Smoke Management, Trail Maintenance & Fence Installation, Aquatic Vegetation Management, Herbicide Planning & Application, Tractor Mowing & Disking, Bush Hogging & Site Grading, Heavy Equipment Site Preparation, Road & Low Water Crossing Installation, Mechanical Vegetation Treatment, Chipping/Grinding/Mulching, Hydrological & Stream Restoration, Wetland & Upland Restoration, Phase I Hazardous Assessments, Professional Deer Population Management, Food Plot Installation & Management & Environmental Planning & Educational Seminars and other important tasks that help our clients achieve their restoration goals. HRWP is currently accepting resumes to fill an Environmental Technician II hourly position to serve the central Florida region in and around Orange and Lake Counties. The Environmental Technician II will be responsible for tractor mowing with bushhog and/or batwing mower, front loader work, fireline installation, root raking, discing, rollerchopping, mulching, chainsaw work, backpack herbicide work, backhoe operations, tractor seed collection/installation, cultipacking and a variety of other tasks including planting of native grasses, shrubs and trees, fence construction. Three years of previous experience required. Prior environmental experience will be given preference. Job Duties and Responsibilities: • Operation of tractors, dozers, backhoe, mowers, ATV, chainsaws, polesaws, weed wackers, herbicide sprayers • Conduct and assist with field and land management operations as necessary to meet our client’s restoration needs including, but not limited to, brush clearing, chainsaw work, seed collection, planting, fencing, etc. • Perform general maintenance service, cleaning and daily inspections of vehicles and equipment to verify working condition and communicate any issues to supervisor • Track and communicate daily work activities to supervisor to ensure proper documentation and completion of projects • Responsible for making sure safe work practices and procedures are followed at all times Successful Candidate Must: • Be 21 years of age or older • Possess a BS degree or equivalent years of environmental and/or field experience • Be available to work a minimum of a 40 hour work schedule per week at least 8 hours per day and be willing work flexible hours when wet weather conditions affect work schedule. • Communicate effectively in English in both written and verbal forms. Bilingual skills preferred. • Have a valid Florida Drivers License with an excellent driving record and be able to drive to different project locations in the Central Florida area. CDL operators with excellent driving record will be given preference. • Be physically able to lift and/or carry moderately heavy objects (backpack sprayers, chainsaws, etc.) and work under tough weather conditions (e.g. summer heat) • Must have experience with operating mechanized equipment (tractors w/ bushhog and/or batwing mowers, discing, rollerchopping, dozer work and seed installation equipment). • Have the ability to travel to multiple site locations to meet the needs of the business Other Requirements: • Candidate should be comfortable performing assigned duties outdoors while walking through various and challenging terrain, including but not limited to low water, heavy vegetation and uneven land, throughout natural areas, and some urban areas where environmental conditions are affected by weather (HRWP supplies all required field gear) • Candidate should be able to read and follow maps of project areas as well as roads • Candidate should be able to lift up to 60 pounds and have good physical dexterity • Candidate should have the ability to effectively partner with cross functional teams to meet performance objectives Pay commensurate with experience (Pay Range: $13.50/hour - $26.50/hour) **Interested candidates should send resumes to ronconcoby@earthlink.net Visit our website at www.hrwpservices.com to learn more about us