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Scientist 3

West Palm Beach Administrative Headquarters (B1)


Job Description


Located in the Vegetation Management Section, this position will be responsible for a wide range of duties in support of the District’s Stormwater Treatment Area (STA) Program, primarily monitoring daily STA operations and site conditions.   Key responsibilities include day-to-day STA coordination between numerous District teams and other stakeholders, monitoring operational parameters to ensure compliance with STA management plans and permits, preparation and review of water quality and operations status reports, routine STA site inspections, and preparation of environmental condition reports.  In addition, the incumbent will contribute to technical review of STA design and operational strategies in support of STA optimization.

The successful candidate must have a background in the following areas:
• Florida wetland ecology, including biogeochemical cycling
• Wetland hydrology
• Constructed wetland design and operations
• Project management

The successful candidate must also possess excellent verbal/written communication skills, strong organizational skills, and an ability to work productively in a collaborative team setting.  Florida wetland plant identification and airboat operation skills are preferred.

Employment Guidelines
Typically has a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field (Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science) and 2+ years’ experience in the area of water treatment wetland management, applied ecology, and/or wetland restoration.

Valid State of Florida Driver’s License. 

District airboat certification will be required within 180 days.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
The work environment is a combination of office and field work, with regular exposure to a hot and humid environment in remote and heavy vegetative areas, with exposure to stinging/biting insects, snakes, and alligators.  May be required to lift up to 40 lbs.

Due to the District’s response role and in the total scope of emergency management, this position may at times, be required to provide support before, during and after major storm events and emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies, depending on assigned emergency response role.

Salary Minimum


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OM5205232 STA & Invasive Species Management