Forest Wildlife Ecologist

National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.
Job Description

Position: Forest Wildlife Ecologist
Reports to: Director of Forestry Research – Southeastern U.S.
Supervises: Support staff and contract staff as needed
Work Week: Exempt position; 40+ hours per week to meet work demands
Revised: June 15, 2018
Duty Station: Clemson, SC (other locations may be considered)
Essential Job Functions:
1. Assume responsibility for execution of forest wildlife / biodiversity projects within NCASI’s
Forestry Technical Studies Program in the eastern United States. The forest wildlife
ecologist will be expected to:
 coordinate, execute, and report results from forest wildlife / biodiversity-related research
on schedule and within budget.
 execute research that is rigorous, cost-effective, scientifically credible, and marked by a
significant level of self-direction.
 effectively and efficiently direct the work of support staff and/or contract staff.
 monitor the participation of collaborating researchers involved Technical Studies
Program projects who are not members of the NCASI staff.
 present research findings verbally at NCASI meetings and external conferences.
 prepare timely and original journal articles, technical reports, and other written
communications, meeting the highest standards of quality and scientific objectivity.
 participate in identifying current and anticipated future research needs of NCASI
members, and developing proposals for research projects to address those needs.
 assist in the preparation of comments regarding proposed or emerging environmental
regulations affecting NCASI members.
 follow all safety procedures, and wearing safety equipment required at field study
locations, including those dictated by local authorities.
2. Maintain knowledge of current forest wildlife / biodiversity issues and technical advances
through review of current literature, participation in appropriate professional society
conferences, and communication with leading researchers and regulatory personnel involved
in this field.
3. Maintain knowledge of existing and forthcoming federal and state environmental regulations
and policy decisions related to forest wildlife / biodiversity, and participate in industry
association meetings as needed.
4. Provide technical support to the forest products industry and industry organizations on issues
related to forest wildlife / biodiversity. The forest wildlife ecologist will be expected to:
 respond to technical and scientific queries from member companies and industry
organizations in a clear, competent and timely manner, striving for delivery of initial
responses to member-specific questions within one working day.
 use critical and integrative thinking skills to identify and innovate practical solutions to
member company challenges.
 maintain a current understanding of forestry issues, including basic knowledge of forest
environment issues outside primary area of expertise.
 maintain knowledge of NCASI’s overall forestry Technical Studies Program, including
staff skill sets.
5. Represent NCASI at NCASI-sponsored and external conferences and meetings; present
scientifically-sound, credible technical information resulting from the forestry Technical
Studies Program at conferences, and meetings; and objectively evaluate the potential utility
of that information for environmental management decision-making.
6. As a staff member of NCASI, the Forest Wildlife Ecologist will be expected to:
 conduct all activities in a professional manner and act in a manner that is honest and
respectful of co-workers, exhibiting a strong sense of integrity and candor.
 undertake research and technical studies in collaboration with other NCASI staff, as
appropriate, in a manner that fosters a strong team-based environment that is founded on
sharing and learning knowledge from others.
 assist in development of science-based communication vehicles to convey the results and
value of NCASI research to members and other stakeholders.
 assist in development of the annual Eastern Sustainable Forestry Program budget and
tracking of the Technical Studies Program task execution to meet budget and deliverable
 foster relationships with current member companies as well as with potential new
member companies.
 undertake additional activities as assigned by Director of Forestry Research –
Southeastern U.S.
Minimum Qualifications:
1. Earned doctoral degree in a relevant scientific discipline and five or more years of experience
in managing environmental research, which demonstrates increasing levels of personal
leadership responsibility; or
2. Earned master’s degree in an appropriate scientific discipline and ten or more years of
experience in managing environmental research, which demonstrates increasing levels of
personal leadership responsibility. Ph.D. strongly preferred.
3. A record of scientific achievement as demonstrated by publications in the peer-reviewed
literature and by professional service.
4. Highly effective oral and written communication skills.
5. Ability to read, absorb, process, and communicate complex information
6. Ability to get to and work from the Clemson, South Carolina office or field location, as
7. The physical capability of carrying out sampling and other study activities at field sites
including at remote forest locations.
8. Ability to travel frequently on NCASI business such as travel related to implementation of
the Technical Studies Program and to support NCASI Member Companies and their trade
9. Exhibit professional appearance and demeanor, a demonstrable ability to work effectively
with others, evidence of a stable employment history, and evidence of organizational skills,
professional presentation skills, and self-motivation.
10. Eligible for immediate employment in the U.S. and to travel internationally.
Preferred Qualifications:
1. Demonstrated ability to discern industry research needs and to convert those needs into the
development of clear, objective hypotheses for candidate projects.
2. Demonstrated ability to achieve results through collaboration with, and respect for, coworkers
and funding partners.
3. Ability to successfully manage multiple priorities.
4. Evidence of a stable employment history, organizational skills, professional presentation
skills, and self-motivation.
5. Proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite of business software.
To apply for this position, please submit your resumé to:
Dr. Erik B. Schilling
Director of Forestry Research, Southeastern U.S.
104 East Bruce Street
Aubrey, TX 76227
Review of applications will begin on July 31, 2018, and will continue until the position is
filled. NCASI is an equal opportunity employer.