Amendment is Common-Sense Approach to Conservation


Florida lawmakers have cut conservation spending more deeply than any other part of government. That’s a fact.

Conservation is a value all Floridians deeply cherish across party lines. The Water and Land Legacy amendment simply seeks to hold the environment harmless.

Since 2009, the Florida Legislature has provided only $23 million for the landmark Florida Forever program, a 97.5 percent reduction from previous funding levels. State appropriations for land management and ecological restoration, including the Everglades, have suffered similar declines.

The news that conservationists have launched a grassroots campaign to amend the Florida Constitution to lock in 1 percent of the state’s budget for water and land conservation has produced some interesting responses from people who want to protect the status quo and oppose letting voters make this important decision.

We want to let the people decide if clean water and natural land are a legacy they want to leave for their children and grandchildren. And that’s what this amendment is all about: conserving land and providing recreational opportunities for Florida’s residents and visitors for generations to come.

First, let’s be clear about what this proposed amendment would do. [Read More]

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