Call for Presentations or Posters: 25th Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference


The purpose of the 25th Fire Ecology Conference is to bring together the fire management and research community to focus on fire ecology and management issues in northern coastal and interior climates.


The objective of the 25th Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference is to present and publish current scientific research on topics that will likely influence the future of prescribed fire. Despite critical dependence of natural ecosystems and wildfire control efforts on the use of prescribed fire, many new challenges to its continued use have developed. These include the expansion of the wildland-urban interface, stricter air quality regulations, and concerns about the effects of fire on carbon sequestration and mercury cycling. Planning for the future of prescribed fire will require science-based information on which to build sound policy that provides for the public good, including protection from wildfire, conservation of natural areas, and provision of a safe and healthy environment.

Topics to be addressed may include:

•Fire Regimes

•Fire History

•Ecology and Management of the Pine Barrens

•Ecosystem function and restoration

•Fuels management, loading and particulate emissions

•Public awareness and education

•Smoke management and modeling

•Burning in the wildland-urban interface

•Tradeoffs between prescribed fire and wildfire

•Fire management policy

•Carbon sequestration

•Exotics and Invasives

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Registration Opens January 31, 2013. Visit the conference web site for registration deadline and conference fees: