State of the Everglades Report Now Available

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Audubon's Spring Report on the State of the Everglades is now available for download!

Audubon continues to define Everglades success as bringing back the birds and wildlife that were so naturally abundant in the River of Grass. These species serve as an indicator for all of the other benefits to the natural environment, aquifer recharge, and economic prosperity that restoration can also produce.

The recent operationalizing of the Tamiami Trail bridge and the C-111 Spreader Canal project bring us closer to mimicking the natural water flow patterns that have been altered by human infrastructure.

Our researchers at Audubon's Everglades Science Center in  Tavernier are monitoring the prevalence of preyfish and tracking  Roseate Spoonbill populations in Florida Bay. Their data over the coming  months and years will be used to inform water managers and restoration  partners where, when, and in what quantities these species are  found. This will let us know whether restoration is working and what more needs to be done.

Stay informed about important conservation issues like this in the latest edition of Audubon's State of the Everglades Report.