Samantha Baraoidan - Sam graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida. She currently works for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a biologist in the Upland Habitat Research and Monitoring Program, where she gets to combine her interests in habitat management, restoration ecology, and prescribed fire with the privilege of traveling to Florida’s unique public lands, from the panhandle to the Everglades. Sam has been an active member of FLTWS for three years and looks forward to many more. She worked closely with FLTWS during her time as a student when she served as President and Vice President of UF’s Student Chapter of TWS. She participated in multiple TWS field trips and events, such as the 2012 Python Handling Workshop, and presented her undergraduate research at the 2014 conference. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Feral Cat Subcommittee. She also serves as a Youth Conservation Director for the Florida Wildlife Federation. As FLTWS Treasurer, Sam would continue to increase her involvement in the Florida Chapter with a focus on increasing the chapter’s financial stability. Her experience with the UF Student Chapter includes raising over $20,000 from various fundraising events over the course of three years, and she is excited to bring her knowledge of outreach-based fundraising to the Florida Chapter. Sam’s research interests include landscape ecology, community-based natural resource management, habitat restoration, and mammalian ecology. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, herping, cooking, and playing with her dog.