Patrick Delaney - Patrick Delaney earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental studies from Florida State University. After undergraduate school, he took a position in 2006 as a biological scientist for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Reptile and Amphibian Research Section. While working full-time with the commission, Patrick pursued a Master of Science degree from the University of Florida in Interdisciplinary Ecology and will be graduating spring 2015. In 2014 Patrick accepted a wildlife biologist position with Deseret Ranches of Florida. He now manages the wildlife resources on 380,000 acres in the Florida Panhandle. Patrick is an active member of both FLTWS and TWS and is currently serving as the Southeastern Representative for the Florida Chapter Executive Board. Patrick is also a member of the IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group and the Gopher Tortoise Council. Elected or not, Patrick will strive to help carry on the Chapter’s mission by staying involved in various committees and working towards addressing many of the goals listed in the strategic plan. In his free time, Patrick enjoys chasing his 1 year old man-cub around with his wife, playing guitar, spending time outdoors, mud races, and watching movies..